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Hakuba in April

Trip of a life time

April 2016. Where will you be? How about combining one of Japan’s most incredible festivals with a trip to the giant snow walls whilst checking out the Cherry Blossom season and throw in a back country Heli Ski adventure in the Japanese Alps. This is a trip of a life time.

Onabashira is commonly know as the log sliding festival.  Giant trees are  sent sliding down a hill with the local people riding atop. This event is truly an amazing spectacle and something that should not be missed. More info here

The giant snow walls of Tateyama are world renowned. We’ll be taking the adventurous route through long tunnels, over a huge dam and traversing on Japans longest single span ropeway to reach the destination. More info here

The Cherry Blossoms in Japan will even make the toughest of men ohh and arhh over their beauty. Come and celebrate as the Japanese do with a Hanami party under the Cherry trees. More info here

Heli Ski in the Japanese Alps in style with a classic Japanese  bento picnic lunch and a bottle of champagne on top of one of the most spectacular mountain regions in the world. This is available for intermediate and above skiers and boarders. Mellow lines and a good introduction to the Hakuba backcountry. More info here

Tony Anderson from the White Horse Hotel has been living in the region for 10 years and will be you personal escort for this adventure of a lifetime. Contact him directly HERE for more information and package deals. There are limited numbers so get in early.

Onabashira official website Here

Giant Snow walls site Here



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  2. Glenn says:

    Was wondering just how many people only get the chance to do the sliding festival once ?
    The cherry blossom festival is something not to be missed but really looking forward to our Hakuba ski in January, heli ski I wasn’t aware of so will be looking into that.. many thanks Glenn

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