These mountains were made naturally by the earths movements.

We are certainly getting our share of earthquakes here in Japan at the moment but sooner or later they will ease off again and life will move on. Currently the area of most activity is off the east coast of Honshu which is the main island. We may feel a slight shake here in Hakuba but we have not had much in this area for the 5 years I have lived here. When it does happen I make the comparison to the feeling of a large truck rumbling down your street. The thing is large trucks don’t come down our little street. For those thinking of coming to Hakuba on a ski trip next winter season, I would like to try and give some reassurance that we are safe from all the disasters this world dishes out however nobody knows what is around any corner of your life. Please help support Japan either with a donation to the Red Cross or even better still, show your support by coming here and assisting the communities to get back on their feet. Just by coming on a holiday means you are helping out by keeping the economy moving. It is very quiet here in Hakuba at the moment which affects us along with the restaurants we send people which then effects the food suppliers and the delivery person and the farmer and so on and so on. The flow on effect is huge to all businesses. One things for certain is I can assure you that you will be overwhelmed with the response by the Japanese people if you do come.

Earthquakes happen all the time throughout the world. Here is a link to USGS which lists them as they happen. I hadn’t realised there was so much seismic activity around the globe until ¬†looked at this site.


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