Hakuba 11 November, 2009

Sake at the Bar


One of these days I will do a restaurant count in Hakuba but for the moment I would guess there must be about 200 in the Valley.  I have some favourites that I frequent often but I also enjoy trying out new ones to see what is being cooked up in the kitchens of Hakuba.  I make a point not to list restaurant names other than the White Horse ones on the web as I do not want to lose my seat when I want to go out however I am very happy to divulge my recommendations to our guests. When people ask me about my favourite Japanese restaurant I remind them that there are so many different styles including Sushi, Ramen, Soba, Kaiseki, Udon, Yaki Tori, Yaki Niku,  Tako Yaki and Izakaya’s. On an international level in Hakuba there are French, Italian, Thai, Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Korean, and Turkish. This  valley truly is a gourmet’s delight with plenty of locally owned and grown produce. Nagano is famous for its shinshu pork. Much of the fish comes directly from the Japan Sea which is only 45 minutes away so if you know the inside word you can get the freshest sushi in town. Many of the restaurants in Hakuba have only Japanese menus so we are happy to give  some advice on what is on offer and translate your selections.  A great night can be had enjoying the local Japanese restaurants and with a little help we can add to that by assisting you with your meal selection. you should also be a little adventurous and try some things you wouldn’t usually. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Itadakimasu  (bon appetite)



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