Mt Hakuba (Shirouma) climb. 白馬岳

Mt Hakuba 4

Almost to the top. Mt Shirouma lodge on the right with the peak just beyond that.

We have world class hiking here in Hakuba for every level of experience. I recently took on the big one, Mt Shirouma, through the Daisekkei snowfield for a day hike. I would recommend staying up at the mountain lodge for the evening to truly take in the great atmosphere of one of Japans most famous hikes. On this particular day we had a good mix of conditions which added to the experience. No rain thankfully however at times a misty fog would surround us. The snowfield is glacier like with lots of creaks and groans in the snowpack giving an eerie mood. Adding to that is the intermittent sound of small rockfalls on either side of the gorge. There is constant threat and existence of larger rockfalls so there is a need to be vigilant. It’s a solid hike for 5 hours with some of the most spectacular scenery you will ever experience. I can thoroughly recommend it along with the ramen and beer at the top. You do require crampons for the snowfield which can be purchased at the base for 1000 yen.

Mt Hakuba 27

We are going up

Mount Hakuba

A little bit further and we hit the ice field

Hakuba hiking

Conditions were icy and like walking on a giant golfball. You need crampons

Japan hiking

and looking back down the valley

Hakuba Japan

Beautiful wildflowers along the way

Japan outdoors

the scenery constantly changed from brilliant

hiking in Japan

to magnificent


the clouds would come and go

Japanese mountains

with some amazing displays


Nearly at the top


Hikers Heaven. On top of the world with a shelter, food and drinks. The peak in the background just 10 minutes away

Hakuba peak

The peak monument @ 2932 meters

Ramen 2

The ramen up top was actually very good and, well Sapporo is always good.

Thank you to my good friend and Professional Guide, Hiromi Ishihara, for taking me along on this amazing adventure.  I can certainly recommend her services if you are looking for some knowledgeable assistance to the region.

If you would like more information on this and anything else about Hakuba then please contact me directly at


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